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Podcast Launched
May 14th!

Podcast launched May 14th!

After months of planning, preparing and recording, we finally launched this podcast on May 14th, 2022! We are so grateful for all the support and enthusiasm we have received from everyone, and can’t wait to bring some incredible conversations to all of you.

Tune in as we explore what it means to live in harmony with the natural world and to respect all living beings for who they truly are. Together, we’ll take a deep dive into animal and nature communion, consciousness and communication. Here are just a few of the amazing guests you can expect to hear from:

Cathrine Nyquist
Co-founder of Panthera Africa, Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa and an animal communicator and advocate.

Dr. Linda Bender
Author of Animal Wisdom, veterinarian, animal advocate, spiritual teacher, and signatory of the Fuji Peace Declaration for a Peaceful and Sustainable World.

Akshaya Kawle
Nature and animal communicator, author of Animal Communication: A Guide to Two-Way Telepathic Communication with Animals, teacher, mentor and tarot reader.

Rebecca Goff
Author of Kissing Whales Healing Dolphins, internationally acclaimed creator of AquaCranial Therapy, healer and teacher.

Dr. Colleen Dell
Animal therapy researcher and practitioner, professor and the Centennial Enhancement Chair in One Health and Wellness at the University of Saskatchewan.

Join us, your hosts Dr. Barbara Shor, veterinarian and animal communicator, and Avantika Mathur, public health professional and researcher, as we learn about animal perspectives, question our current paradigms, explore spiritual concepts and work together to raise the collective vibrations of humanity. Our hope is to help you better understand, appreciate and connect more deeply with all the beings with whom we share this beautiful planet.

We look forward to having you join us!

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She Turns Fallen Deer into Trophies of Science

Here’s a Sacramento Bee newspaper article from 1988. I love to revisit the many hats I wore throughout my multifaceted career of working with animals. I wanted to share this one with you.

Read the article below or download the PDF here.

Soul of the Wild – reprinted from ONE Magazine

By Barbara Shor, DVM

Re-Printed from ‘One – The Magazine’ – Click Here

I have had the great good fortune of working with animals my entire adult life, as a veterinarian, as an animal behavior specialist, a professional dog trainer, and through the last twenty years, an animal communicator.

Obviously, the earth’s animals are an integral part of the natural world, and they embody qualities that we can benefit from deeply, if we pay attention. The animals exemplify freedom, peace, love, playfulness, warriorship, and most of all, presence. They are completely present to the moment, and this is one of the greatest teachings they have to offer us. They aren’t thinking about tomorrow or yesterday; they are fully present here and now. When they are injured or ill, you might notice that they can still be happy. How is that? It is because they are not attached to thoughts as we are. They don’t make something more than it is. They simply accept what is.

I used to give a talk called Wise Old Souls in Fur Coats and Feathers. That is really how I see it. We look at these creatures in their many forms and their bodies are what we see and know. But there is another reality rarely glimpsed in our ordinary reality, and that is the domain of the soul. It is this domain that intrigues me the most, and this is where I meet them.

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Message from Pegaso, a Lusitano white horse 

I will speak now as a performance horse, and what I say can apply to many other beings. But for the sake of ease and clarity, let’s begin here.

I have been bred and raised to serve humans.  It is in every gene, in every cell. This is how I was created, in a sense, by humans. So of course, I am finely tuned to do this service. If I am treated with loving care and respect, there is no limit to the beautiful connection I can have with a person and the beauty and grace with which I do my job.

At the same time, I am a highly spiritual being. I came into this body with full consciousness and when I leave it, I will be fully conscious in my next incarnation and in my essence as a spiritual being without form in between lifetimes.

My mission is to love and to be loved and to evolve in consciousness as much as I am able. Part of that evolution occurs as I spend time and work with humans. We evolve together. What people seem to not understand or grasp is that we come to you from a place of service, as servants. But we do not come to be treated as babies, as possessions, as lesser than.

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Tilikum and Dawn: Beyond Appearances ©

By Barbara Shor, DVM

Since I first heard about the tragedy at SeaWorld, where the huge orca, Tilikum, killed his trainer, Dawn Brancheau, on February 24, 2010, I have been haunted by the story. I have felt Tilikum’s presence with me. Because I am a telepathic animal communicator, this is not just a thought that comes and goes. I have actually felt his spiritual presence with me.

From years of experience, I can sense when I am spiritually connected with an animal or person, and I can often tell what they are feeling emotionally. What I have experienced from Tilikum is an overwhelming amount of pain and outrage, which was exhibited by his violent behavior toward Dawn. This is an enormous animal, taken from his home in the wild, and subjected to life in a small tank and domination by humans.

What I have learned by communicating with Tilikum is that this anger and resentment that he holds is not just his own anger, but it is a conglomeration of the emotions of many captive orcas as well as other species held in the unnatural environment of SeaWorld and many other places.

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Drs. Goodall and Dolittle, My Heroes

I have just had the rare privilege of spending an evening and the following morning with Dr. Jane Goodall, renowned primatologist, and her staff at the Aspen Ideas Festival. I volunteered to help in order to be in Jane’s presence and get a sense of just who this woman really is, a person I have admired for many years. My job consisted of sorting T-shirts, channeling people in the right direction for her book signing, and selling books. Menial labor in some sense—but each moment was precious to me.

I got to see first hand how this woman, who has captured the hearts and minds of millions all over the world, operates. She signs books for as long as it takes, sometimes up to four hours. After this lecture, we were finally packing up at nine o’clock at night, two hours after her talk ended. She still had a dinner to attend afterwards, and then needed to do some work on her next book, which is about nutrition. She later said that if you still want to eat food, don’t read the book! Among other things, she discusses the harmful effects of genetically modified food.

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