About Barbara


Barbara has been actively pursuing communication with animals since about 1996, following several years of researching holistic medicine once she left veterinary practice. Since that time, she has worked with individual clients, helping them gain a deeper understanding of their companion animals. She assists people to learn from these animals, who serve as amazing mirrors and teachers. Working with dying animals, while offering support to people, has been a particular area of interest and passion for Barbara. This is a very precious time when the veils between worlds are thin and the gateway to empathy and communion is wide open.

Barbara graduated as a veterinarian from Colorado State University in 1983 and then completed a three year residency in nondomestic animal medicine at the University of California, Davis and California Department of Fish and Game. She spent a year working with wildlife in East Africa and has worked as an animal communicator since that time. She has had training and experience in holistic veterinary medicine, dog training, and animal behavior and has traveled extensively both in the United States and abroad.

It is this broad base of experience with animals that equips Barbara to relate to animals spiritually, physically, mentally, psychologically, and emotionally. In the course of her long association with a wide variety of species, she has come to know them intimately, and with great love.

Barbara is now working on her second book, called Cat Woman Speaks: A Veterinarian’s Journey into the Hearts and Souls of Animals. Barbara is a dynamic, engaging speaker and workshop facilitator. Her sensitivity and intuitive knowing allow her to deeply support people on their own journeys, and it is her greatest joy to help others evolve in consciousness. The animals are her co-facilitiators in this process. They are remarkable teachers and guides.

Companion animals know the people they live with more intimately than anyone else could, and on a soul level they are wise and compassionate beyond what most people can imagine. The wild ones know us, as humans, from a perspective that is both perhaps a bit more objective, but no less enlightening and supportive. We, as fellow inhabitants on this amazing planet need to learn how to listen to these wise souls, and then work together to restore harmony and peace so we can all thrive together.