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Sacred Paws Summit, October 9-13

Sacred Paws Summit took place October 9-13. It was hosted by my dear friend, Dr. Jeff Feinman, who is a fellow veterinarian, interested in integrative health and seeing a bigger picture for animals and humans as well. I knew a number of people on this summit and all of them are dedicated, conscientious, experienced, and […]

Animal Communicator and Healer Summit, October 23-27

The Animal Communicator and Healer Summit took place on October 23-27. It was hosted by Dr. Cara Gubbins, an animal communicator that I know and admire. This was the fifth year that she has hosted this summit, and my first year speaking on it. A couple years ago, through this summit, I met Cathrine Nyquist, […]

She Turns Fallen Deer into Trophies of Science

Here’s a Sacramento Bee newspaper article from 1988. I love to revisit the many hats I wore throughout my multifaceted career of working with animals. I wanted to share this one with you. Read the article below or download the PDF here.