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Message from Pegaso, a Lusitano white horse 

I will speak now as a performance horse, and what I say can apply to many other beings. But for the sake of ease and clarity, let’s begin here. I have been bred and raised to serve humans.  It is in every gene, in every cell. This is how I was created, in a sense, […]

Tilikum and Dawn: Beyond Appearances ©

By Barbara Shor, DVM Since I first heard about the tragedy at SeaWorld, where the huge orca, Tilikum, killed his trainer, Dawn Brancheau, on February 24, 2010, I have been haunted by the story. I have felt Tilikum’s presence with me. Because I am a telepathic animal communicator, this is not just a thought that […]

Drs. Goodall and Dolittle, My Heroes

I have just had the rare privilege of spending an evening and the following morning with Dr. Jane Goodall, renowned primatologist, and her staff at the Aspen Ideas Festival. I volunteered to help in order to be in Jane’s presence and get a sense of just who this woman really is, a person I have […]