Soul Of The Wild

Soul of the Wild: Intimate Messages from the Hearts and Souls of Elephants and Whales is a compilation of telepathic soul-level conversations between Barbara Shor, DVM and the group consciousness of elephants and whales. Topics such as their purpose on Earth at this time, how they view human beings, what they need and want, their perspectives on pain, death, and living a happy, healthy life, and many other fascinating subjects are explored. Their primary message is one of hope and a love of life. Ultimately, they are spiritual teachers asking us all to work with them to restore peace and harmony on planet Earth.

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About the Book

Soul of the Wild: Intimate Messages from the Hearts and Souls of Elephants and Whales is a compilation of telepathic soul-level conversations between Barbara Shor, DVM and the group consciousness of elephants and whales. In this book, elephants and whales are guides for Barbara on her spiritual journey. The questions she poses and the answers given by the animals touch on such topics as:

  • What is the spiritual mission of elephants and whales on Earth at this time?
  • What do they have to teach us about pain, suffering, and death?
  • What can they teach us about living a life of joy and peace?
  • How do they perceive human beings?
  • How can we honor them and meet their needs?
  • How can we work together for the benefit of all life on this planet?

Theirs is a message of optimism, gratitude and appreciation of life.  It takes us beyond the guilt, shame, and sadness many of us feel about the way humans have treated other species. They acknowledge that they have suffered as a result of human ignorance; however, they see us as amazing beings with many gifts to share and the potential for moving into an entirely new paradigm where all beings are equal and respected. Ultimately they are spiritual teachers, asking us to work with them to restore peace and harmony on planet Earth.

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 What others are saying about this book…

“I can’t emphasize enough how enthralled I was when reading about your interaction with the elephants and whales.  I didn’t skip a word!  It was wonderful to find myself introduced to new concepts. For instance, of course the chaotic and discordant atmosphere that we humans have created must affect other lives such as that of the elephants, but I just hadn’t considered that and am grateful to you for bringing up the subject.  It was also wonderful to find confirmation of my own attunements, as when I first attuned to an orca, it intimated that when it passed by anything when swimming, there was an energy exchange.

I so agree and love the explanation the animals gave of dealing with our human difficulties, that we find the answers and help within, that everything is about an opening to a higher consciousness. As you know, my passion is that people become aware of and act from their own inner divinity, which your messages also keep repeating if in a slightly different way, and that they recognize and cooperate with the intelligence of nature.

Thank you for presenting a great many ideas, like the importance of migration, of groupness, of how we can help caged animals by sending love and appreciation, that only love and understanding can solve violence, that earth’s evolution needs humans, that we need to accept both positive and negative, the explanation of self doubt, etc. etc.  Also, I greatly appreciate how you insist on asking questions until you “get it”, so to speak.

The wonderful truths in this book, as communicated from the elephants and whales, are tremendous aids for us humans to find truth and joy within ourselves, to help us deal with our problems, and learn to love all life.  What a blessing this book is!

Thank you, thank you for birthing this book.”

Dorothy Maclean

author of To Honor the Earth, Choices of Love, WisdomsTo Hear the Angels Sing, and co-founder of Findhorn Foundation

“We live in times of great change. It often seems that our world is being besieged by tsunamis, earthquakes, wild storms and climate change, yet on a heart/soul level we learn that all is in order. Reading through the enchanting pages of SOUL OF THE WILD you will see the world from a different viewpoint, and you will realise that the animals have a very different outlook on earth changes than the ones commonly believed by humanity. As we enter new times, it is books like this by Barbara Shor that will help open human consciousness to the truth of change.”

Michael J. Roads

author of: Talking With Nature, Journey Into NatureJourney into Oneness, Into a Timeless Realm; Through the Eyes of Love, Journeying with Pan book series

“This book is glorious not only in its content, but also in its feel.  Barbara has brought forth clear and compelling communications from the great elephants and whales that helps us, as humanity, to connect with other species in a way that brings us deeply into their world and wisdom.  Her questions are universal and speak to all of our concerns and we can relate to her personal quest for these profound answers to life and our relationship with all.  I highly recommend that you take this journey of discovery … you will love it!”

Trish Regan

author of Essential Joy and Co-founder of Dolphin Spirit of Hawaii (

“When we are in communion with other animals, we establish a mode of communication that is non-ordinary; not of our everyday mode of consciousness, with its rational, conditioned expectations and preconceptions. The late Prof. Konrad Lorenz, Nobel laureate and one of the founders of the science of ethology, the study of animal behavior, asserted that “Before you can really study an animal you must first love it”. It is this kind of love, as Dr. Shor reveals in this book, that can open us to the animal kingdom, species by species, and individual by individual.

As Chief Dan George advised, ‘If you talk to the animals they will talk with you and you will know each other. If you do not talk to them, you will not know them, and what you do not know you will fear. What one fears one destroys.’”

Dr. Michael W. Fox

Veterinarian, Ethologist (Animal Behaviorist), syndicated columnist
 author of The Boundless Circle, Dog Body, Dog Mind, and Cat Body, Cat Mind

“I read the entire book in two sittings. I couldn’t put it down! As a Science of Mind practitioner, my soul resonated with every word in your book. We truly are all one, and hearing it from the perspective of the elephants and whales was truly a consciousness shifting and awareness uplifting experience.”

June Clayton

Science of Mind practitioner, retired court reporter

“This is an extraordinary and timely book as we reconnect to the Nature Kingdoms recognizing the importance of working together for the sake of the planet. Through the author’s personal dedication and intuitive gifts, we are gifted with profound messages from the whales and elephants. We learn of their love for mankind and their commitment to balance the energetic fields of consciousness so that we can all evolve together.”

Christine Page, MD

Mystical Physician:
author of The Mystery of 2012Spiritual Alchemy, and The Mirror of Existence

“Okay, so you know how the universe operates… I started reading your book, and immediately I am surrounded by pictures, statues, TV programs, and all manner of references to elephants and whales. They’re EVERYWHERE! I guess they want me to pay attention, huh? Anyway, I love the book.”

Jean Hofve, DVM

Holistic Veterinarian, Reiki Master
retired editor in chief of the Journal of the AHVMA (American Holistic Veterinary Association);
founder of Spirit Essences-the first and only line of flower essences designed by a veterinarian,;
and cofounder of – informational website on feline health, behavior, and nutrition

“I loved your beautiful book and read it in 2 days! How wonderful to hear clear messages from these wise animals. There is much in the messages that was very useful for me personally right now and probably would be for anyone who is open to them. It is so important to realize that all of us creatures of the earth are truly in this together, and that the animals are consciously experiencing the same twists and turns that we, as humans, take.

It is reassuring that when we choose to better the state of life on earth, we have the help and support of the animals. Also, because the book was written in a very personal style, as it is your journey, there is wonderful encouragement for those who may be on their own spiritual journey. Thank you for the beautiful work you have done and are doing. I look forward to reading your next book!”

Maggie Clute

Kauai, Hawaii

“I am mesmerized! I had the opportunity to read the first few chapters and later floated off to sleep surrounded by a feeling of peace and love.”

Minette Hoffheimer

Boca Raton, Florida

“I read Barbara’s book in less than a week and her understanding of the information that she conveyed about the consciousness and purpose of the elephants and whales was startling and stunning for me. I have nothing but raves and high esteem for the work that Barbara does, and for her dedication to share pertinent information as we expand the consciousness of humanity.

I have never been an animal person. I have always been a people person. Barbara has shown me new ways of looking at animals. I have always felt that my cat was like a guardian angel for me. She talks to me. And the things she does now are much more meaningful for me, since I read Soul of the Wild. I am looking with new eyes.
It all fell into place from Barbara’s writings: the truth of the consciousness of these tremendous beings.”

Mitzi Rabin

Ashland, Oregon
Director of EarthKids organization and host of EarthKids Show and Tell radio program

I was moved to tears by reading about the elephants in “Soul of the Wild.”  This book has connected me with these great beings who are giving me amazing messages about their perceptions of the world.

Tarra Light

author of Angel of Auschwitz and The Princess of Freedom