Presentation Testimonials

The thing I valued most was your understanding, commitment and love for all animals. You had wonderful clarity. I always enjoy your stories. You bring me right to the heart of the animals.


The use of stories was very powerful and helpful in getting across the concept of animal communication. You really touched my heart. You took a fairly esoteric subject and made it very accessible to others without going into a lot of difficult energy concepts.


I was quite genuinely (tearfully) moved by the sincerity and warmth in which you related these stories. I just hated to see it end so soon!


I live in a ‘no pet’ condominium very convenient to my work, very accessible to my city life. From your talk this morning I realize that I am robbing my soul of one of the greatest teachers this world has to offer, the connection with an unconditionally loving furry friend.


The only thing I can think of to please your audience more would be to pass out $100 bills when you’re finished!


You spoke from your heart with passion. I am deeply touched.